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IMG_2195Sons of the Soil


Amidst colourful clouds

Of toxic fumes

Sri Ganesh is carried high,

Like the kites that screech

And glide and dive

In darkening September skies.

Smoke and terror 

Fill the air,

Bullets split the calm,

Felicitating the elephant God

As he roams his holy land.

For the love of God

Who lives and dies

By the mindlessness of men,

Devoted to their hypocrisy –

Ganesha. Enemy or friend?





Riches to Rags


Durga’s mount

Once proud,

Once free.

Revered and feared

By man.

Now chased 

And trapped

And shot

And skinned;


For Tibetan clans.




Holy Cow!


Cows amble through

Neighbourhoods of nastiness;

Grazing on the garbage

Of yesterday.

Fodder for foreign cameras,

Relics to be

Recorded for posterity.

Exiled from the norms

Of nature,

As decreed by men,

Who idolise their memory;

Now Gods deposed 

By friends.



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