Veritas Vincit

Quae Amissa Salva

Ombi-in Isaiba Amar Sootiya


Kuwera Kethi

Sri Kuwera,

Master of treasures-

Bestower of wealth,

King of the Kannaras- the

Horse faced hidden demon,

Chief of the Yakshas,

Husband of Yaksi; the

Daughter of Danava Mura.

The leader of Punya Janas

And the deepest friend of

Sivaji, Aum



Veritas  Vincit

From silver tongue

Syllables sound,

Conceived in the heart

And born from a mouth,

That knows nothing other

Than to speak

To her;

The Godess, our mother who

Divinely conferred,

Upon us the truth

Of dark and of light,

Of justice, of honour;

Her merciful might.





I am the magician,

I am the mother,

I know the knowers

And I know the others.

I see their dreams,

I feel their lies,

I read between their lines

And through their eyes.

I am more 

Than you and I,

The Sun and Saturn,

The Moon in my sky.






Biblical Migration

Upon volcanic throne

We kept the seat,

Of a mystical line,

Clear and discreet.

Men to whom 

Ancient Kings would look,

To guide their minds

And read to them the books;

Of all known truths

From all the tales,

The lines of blood and

Their carts and sails.

That crossed the seas,

So black and deep

To reach these shores

With secrets to teach.




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