Ancestral Magick


I am the magician,

I am the mother,

I know the knowers

And I know the others.

I see their dreams,

I feel their lies,

I read between their lines

And through their eyes.

I am more 

Than you and I,

The Sun and Saturn,

The Moon in my sky.




Kuwera Kethi

Sri Kuwera,

Master of treasures-

Bestower of wealth,

King of the Kannaras- the

Horse faced hidden demon,

Chief of the Yakshas,

Husband of Yaksi; the

Daughter of Danava Mura.

The leader of Punya Janas

And the deepest friend of

Sivaji, Aum




The Black Cat

Black cats fly high;

Held there on the banners

And kites of the Keith,

Alive in the hearts

Of those willing to seek.

Flown from before

Babylon first fell,

To the bronze sword of Hatti

That cut through their spell.

By that name, too

We were known to the divine,

And to Horus, the Kethi,

The first of our line.

Cherish the Black Cat

Who crosses your path,

Who lends you her eyes

In the hours of the dark.




The Magickal Life and Mystical Death of Love

Aradia, Aradia 

I call thee, clear.

I’ll never leave thee,

Forever dear.

Aradia, Aradia 

My sister, my mother,

My light and my darkness,

The Queen of my lovers.

Aradia, Aradia

Saturn and Moon,

One day I will join you;

That day will be soon.




Astronomy Dev-one

When stars come out

To play at night,

Perhaps some gaze

In awe, or delight.

But a fearless few

See the beginning 

And the end;

The very home

From which they descend.

The path through time

That never stops 

And these precious few

Have ne’er forgot;

For fear of failing 

Fragile men

And their womenfolk-

Their brethren.




Biblical Migration 

Upon volcanic throne

We kept the seat,

Of a mystical line,

Clear and discreet.

Men to whom 

Ancient Kings would look,

To guide their minds

And read to them the books;

Of all known truths

From all the tales,

The lines of blood and

Their carts and sails.

That crossed the seas,

So black and deep

To reach these shores

With secrets to teach.




Ordo Templi Chatti

Once upon a time,

There was a place

Called now;

Observing citizenry, 



Orient to occident,


Cultivating fields,

Of rice

To be 


Of flowers


Cannot yield.

Other than for

The Goddess,


Obediently by 

The heart,


Overwhelming, her


Cosmic path.




Veritas Vincit

From silver tongue

Syllables sound,

Conceived in the heart

And born from a mouth,

That knows nothing other

Than to speak

To her;

The Goddess, our mother who

Divinely conferred,

Upon us the truth

Of dark and of light,

Of justice, of honour;

Her merciful might.




Astral Projection

A life of time

Devoted to the pursuit 

Of painting 

My own pictures

And writing 

My own books.

Embracing the immaterial,

The construction of follies.

The sublime and the ridiculous;

Irreverent jollies.

Mastering magick;

Her spells and 

Her illusions, this

Mistress and mother,

Dispeller of delusion.

Ejaculation of heart –

Conception of thought,

Birth of ideas that 

Cannot be bought.

Or sold out, aloud

To the highest bidder,

With neither shame

Nor sorrow,

Left to consider.

Honour bound to life 

And death, awaiting;

With those featherweight scales

Of arbitration.




Dravidia Sumer

Ombi-in Isaiba Amar Sootiya 

Ombi-in Isaiba Amar Sootiya 

Ombi-in Isaiba Amar Sootiya





Om Tara tu tare ture Svaha

Om Tara tu tare ture Svaha

Om Tara tu tare ture Svaha




Oranges and Lemons

As I look to thee

My golden friend, who

Lights and warms

The brethren;

My sisters and brothers

Born of a billion wombs,

And yet, from their one

Single mother

Has emerged you, too.

Like the sweetest orange 

That one could buy,

Plucked from the tallest tree,

Nearest to the sky,

A tropical taste to sparkle 

In the hearts;

Over lands and seas

Before surrendering 

To the dark.

And to you, my love

Who waxes and wanes,

The Goddess of our night,

Who cannot cease

To change;

New through full,

Dark to light-

The immaterial,

Second sight.

The bitter sweetness 

Of after dark,

When our trusted eyes

Begin to fail us

And the shadows

Hide the paths,

That we know, oh so well

In the clear light of day

When the lemons 

In the trees

Are as yellow 

As the hay.

Oranges and lemons,

Days and nights;

Your ritual cycle

Of glare and sight.

I call upon you both,

Appeal to your wills,

Let me abandon the eyes,

The material and frills. 

Allow me to see

That the wisdom I have found

Can make emerge balance;

As light is with sound.




Lost and Found

If indeed, one day you find,

The path you once knew 

To be true and kind,

Was neither friend

Nor trusted guide,

Take no more steps 

And close your eyes,

Find your feet

And realise, that

The future as yet

Has yet to be wrote

And the trail you take

Will be the one you broke.




Self Acknowledgement

Live your life,

And live it

To death.

Light your world

With your life


Be the fire and

Be the water.

Be the soil and

Be the ether.

Know your mind

And love your heart,

From blood and tear

Accept to part.

Be the pain and

Be the pleasure,

Be the Terton and

Be the treasure.





Born into bodies

With eyes and ears;

A tongue to taste

The air 

And the passage

Of the years.

With fingertips 

To feel and touch

The hearts and minds

Of others,

Who otherwise 

Are nothing

But dead bodies

Hiding under covers.



Mausam of the Mind

My thoughts collide 

Like collecting clouds,

Their metamorphic movements 

Occurring without sound.

Merging as they migrate

In and out of one another;

Mutating in the mind

And unfurling like a flower.

Occasionally they are dark,

But mostly they are fair,

Altered only by illumination 

Filtering through the air.

Emerging out of nothing

To occupy infinite spaces

Depicting all the lives lived;

Their sad and happy faces.




Food for Thought and Flies

Sometimes the heart

Jumps with fright

And we close our eyes 

To shut out the sight,

Of all the issues

We dare not address 

And all the things

We ought to confess-

At least to ourselves,

If not to others;

Priests and Gods,

Fathers and mothers.

Lest we forget

That if we stare

With open eyes,

Frank and fair,

At any problem

In any disguise,

We shall fear nothing,

Not even the flies.

That will enjoy to feast

On this body 

And this brain,

And will thus remove

The evidence

Of your name.




Karma Catchers

The killers they killed,

The careless they caught,

Chained fast for shipping 

To Virginia to be bought.

The clean of soul

And quick of foot

Survived to hide

Between bothy and brook.

To live to die

Another day

In peace we pray

But who can say.

For time and tide

Are dark and low

And what is reaped

Is beforehand sowed.

Face the facts

Of lives of death,

Duty bound 

With every breath.

As the cat must purr

And the stag must bellow,

Stars will fill the heavens

And the moon forever yellow.

Truth conquers. And

Light will shine

On man and beast

In this darkest time.




For the Birds

The bird that sings

To bring one 

Out of sleep;

So vast and vivid,

Complex and deep,

Is the guardian 

Of this day-

My conscious world,

The material life

Immaterially absurd.




From then ‘Til Now

Imagine, an outburst

Of consciousness!

Like magic,

Alive and spontaneous.

Like a chimpanzee being

Hit, by lightening 

From above;

It now understands 

Compassion and Love.

The first of our kind;

Parents, Adam and Eve,

Who ushered in an age

That now

Seems hard to conceive.

The age of temptation,

For that’s why we’re here-

To realise that our desires 

Are all built on fears.

Then came the Sons,

Named and numbered,

Long lived, like the Rishis

And as unencumbered.

With duties to teach

And to guide and to see

The future unfold

To give a chance

To see.

None of them did,

And so it rained

And rained, and drowned

The sorrows of those

Who’d pained, and

Had stolen the sun 

From the hearts of men

Who were intended to be

Brothers, sisters, friends.

Then came the chance,

The Arc and salvation,

But again they failed

In their obligation.

And so they built a tower

To look God

In the eye;

One so tall

That it pierced the sky.

And deafened so the ears

Of the heavens above,

That they were cursed

With a gift of languages-

And all that that does;

Communication breakdowns,

Arguments and divorce,

Familiar families fracture

With neither memory nor remorse.

From which sprung

The civilisations 

That we were taught to know;

Sumer and Babylon,

Greece and Rome.

All would rise

And all would fall

By the wayside of our history,

Rewritten to enthral. 

The laws of Manu, Moses et al,

Were manipulated without mercy

And mocked by the mob,

Until neither who was who

And from where they came,

Was known to themselves 

Nor to the scribes with name.

Who rewrote verses to blind the eye

Of searching souls like you and I.

And to distract us

From the reality

Of why we are here?

To pass this time –

That may well be years.

To take the chance

And to see that our mind

Has been in our heart 

All of this time.





May her blessings 

Never cease to fall

From celestial systems 

Where her stars enthral,

And from where our lives

Must seem, oh, so small,

If indeed they are

Worth noticing at all?




Empty Shells

Like hermit crabs 

That have abandoned homes,

They wander in limbo

In their skin and bones.

All their beauty they had worn;

Is now just that empty shell,

The soul that vacated

Is as dark as hell.

Searching for answers

With this friend or that,

Gathering in groups

To meditate and chat.

Sharing collected energy, 

To magnify their power

Never alone long enough

To think about ‘my’ and not ‘our’.

This ego, that is us,

Is like the roots of the tree,

Reaching and entangling,

Searching for the company

Of sustenance for life;

So determined to survive

And spread it’s genes

As if death can be defied.

Search alone, within, internally,

Look deeply without fear

At your reality;

Who you are and who you are not,

From where you came

And for what you’ve forgot.

Now look at now, and who you are-

A triumphant terton, a returning star.




My Love and the Goddess

When I dream of her

I think of you,

This light that shines,

That can illuminate views

Of darkened times

And inscrutable lies 

Spewing from the mouths

Of myriad lives.

Your intuition has kept

Me safe from harm,

Secure as if blessed

To be holding your hand.

Now happy to sing

Like the lark in the sky,

Creating joy with my words

That brings tears to my eye.





Strike now, strike hard

While the iron is hot.

Forge the friendships 

That’ll ne’er be forgot.

Make your way

And make it straight-

Take no more time

To deliberate.

Or to compromise 

On the pros and cons

Of the obvious rights

And the inevitable wrongs.

These will be there,

At any rate;

Obstacles with which

We negotiate.

Overcome with word

Or deed, to triumph 

And to prosper,

Honest and free.





Let your last corrupted notion 

Be the scabbard for your sword.

Let your next thought of love

Be the train that you will board.

May every step you take

Be sure footed and secure.

May every syllable sounded

Be audible to the pure.




Let their be Light

At particular times of certain days

There opens a window 

And there we can pray,

And call to her,

Our mother above

Who blesses us with infinite love

And from whom we learnt

Of the sciences and of art

And whose gift of music

Can soothe the heart

Of men and women,

Free or sold

In this lightless time 

That we call Kal Yug.




Cups and Sorcerers

Look in the eye

All that seems,

To count itself for something;

Everything, indeed.

So convinced of themselves 

And all that they seed –

The house and home

And automobile,

That takes them to their tasks

All important and real.

With their plastic cards

And replication, 

They suffer to enjoy the illusion 

Of their fabrication.

A social deceit, keeping up

With fellow deceivers

In the race to the bottom

Beyond the reach

Of their retrievers!




Signs of Life

In spite of the air 

Or of oxygen,

Indeed the breathing

That we do,

We are alive!

My friends,

As we gulp it down

Into lungs, blackened

By life’s soot.

We live on and on

Because we want it so;

Our choices write our story.

Whether or not we inhale

These gases, 

This intoxication must continue.

Until the day dawns

When you can clearly see

Your cards 

In the context of the others.

And you no longer need

To understand the game

Because at that point

Nothing matters.




Aiding and Abetting

Anchor yourself to death

And life’s

Anecdotes anesthetise.

Is It True?

We say a lot.

Many words.

But do we know

What we are saying?

We think a lot.

Many thoughts.

But do we know

What we are thinking?

We must learn

To connect

These gifts,

And look.

Without the need

For blinking.





Ready or not-

Here I come!

Time waits 

For no man,

And neither 

Does the sun.

Who passes 

Timely overhead,

Traveling westward

Toward his bed. 

And there he’ll sleep;

Beneath the land,

Leaving the sky

To his sister

And her

Accompanying band.




Helping Hand

When all around are resigned 

To their fate,

And the world moves on regardless

At considerable pace,

And the chasm that had once

Isolated the rich ones

From the poor,

Widened before it deepened,

Condemning the masses 

For evermore.

Then lest we not forget

Those times, when we

Ourselves were like a twisted line,

From which we hung so many

Heads; friends and family,

Sometimes living, sometimes dead.




 Changing Names and Addresses 

Time to resurrect this name,

For what it’s worth – 

Aren’t they all the same?

Or maybe not,

For some are old;

Playing parts in the dramas

We have come to be told.

There from the beginning,

Before the age turned black

And men moved

To far off lands, as their cities 

Were burned and sacked.

The name changed, places too,

Onward through time

Amongst the new.

Emerging names with burgeoning 

Clans, surrounding sprawling villages

And bustling towns.

The ancient names will sing

From the ramparts again

And proclaim in melody 

The victories of men.

The Gods and their Goddess,

Who blesses these souls

Irrespective of young or old.

Each of them now has a given name,

Affixed at birth, a lifelong frame

Of reference, a sense of belonging 

To something greater,

Something worth serving.

Whether they choose to

As their lives unravel

Will be shown to the world,

Through which they travel.



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