The Churchills – Which Nation’s National Hero?

The British, specifically the English, to this day regard the knighted drunk, Sir Winston Churchill as being a national hero, indeed a man who had almost single handedly, by the power of his own will, saved the British nation and rescued her imperilled population in their darkest time. To this day both of his grandsons, either serving as elected Conservative Members of Parliament, or formally so, recall his name and that harrowing time during which he served as Prime Minister, to elevate their own rather insignificant contributions to British society and to the public discourse.

The truth of the matter is somewhat more disquieting, more disturbing and indeed the similarities between the Sir Winston Churchill of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and that of  his grandson, Sir Nicholas Soames M.P, are disconcerting to say the least. It seems that in his old age, the Honourable Member and knight of the realm, Sir N. Soames, seems to be intent on demonstrating how similar their statures are – both morally, intellectually and physically.

Churchill senior had written that,

 “the unforgivable sin of Hitler’s Germany was to develop a new system by which the international bankers were deprived of their profits.” 

Not that Herr Hitler’s regime had sinned on account of it’s ill-treatment and murder of ethnic minorities, for Churchill neither cared for the the ethnic minorities of the states of Western Europe, nor for the non-Europeans who populated the other continents of the world, much as his descendant, Sir Nicholas Soames M.P doesn’t care in 2018, as he clearly demonstrated recently when he shouted across the floor of the chamber of the House of Commons in the British Parliament at the leader of the Scottish National Party, Mr Ian Blackford, to “go home to Skye”, the island constituency in Scotland where he was born and whose people he represents in the Parliament.

Bigotry is something that the Churchill family members have espoused through their oratory, their writing and their actions since the time of Queen Victoria, who herself, as a descendant of a German and who had married a German, was thus from an ethnic minority herself. Winston Churchill opined in the 1940’s, that people,

 “must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit Priest.”

Winston the elder had no qualms about the use of poison gas to eliminate large numbers of human beings, for he himself had ordered the use of it (for the purposes of ascertaining it’s lethality) against the Kurdish population of British occupied Mesopotamia in the early years of the twentieth century. To Churchill, the Kurds were not to be considered as human beings of the order and of the value as Europeans, they were sub-human. During the Second World War it was Winston Churchill who had personally signed the order on the sixth of July 1944 for mustard gas bombs to be dropped on German cities by the Royal Air Force (whose disagreeable commanders eventually had their views taken into consideration) and had two million anthrax filled shells readied for use. He lamented that what had been acceptable methods of warfare in the decades gone by were no longer fashionable nor favourable to governments or their military top brass. Of course it was only after the Second World War had ended that the atrocities of the Nazi regime came to light. It is clearly evident that Churchill would have used such weapons had he gotten his way. On the day he had signed the order to use gas weapons on the civilian population of Germany, an entry in the diary of a serving British officer, who had spent that evening reporting to his Prime Minister, stated that the Prime Minister was blind drunk. 

It was noted by President Roosevelt of the United States, Joseph Stalin and the Fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler, that Winston Churchill was, what would be considered by the standards of today’s medical professionals, an alcoholic. All his decisions were taken whilst he was heavily intoxicated, for he was in a state of perpetual drunkenness. A man neither of sound nor sober mind. His mental condition aside, he was a fraud on many levels. Not the John Bull British nationalist that he styled himself as being and that others have decided to perpetuate since he passed away.

To sustain the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by the English aristocrats of the day, the class to which he considered himself to belong, one which was unsustainable on his £500 per annum salary as an ordinary backbench Member of Parliament, he would sell his watercolour paintings marked with the signature of a famous French impressionist painter to significantly increase their value, a fact that came to the attention of the American President, Franklin Roosevelt. He received payments from the Czechoslovak government to press their case with both the American and the British governments, at a time when the issue of the German speaking minority living in the Sudetenland of that state, recently constructed under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, was a pressing issue facing the governments of the Weimar Republic of Germany. He took money from wealthy Jewish financiers, despite himself being an anti-semite, to advocate and advance their aspirations. Large sums of money – even by today’s standards.

Sir Winston Churchill was no hero. He was a drunk, a gambler and a bigot, like his son Randolph and his grandson, Sir Nicholas Soames. The British imperialist that cost Britain her empire. A man who sent men to their deaths in their millions but who fled London to the country mansions of his friends when the decrypted German codes alerted his security services of an approaching air raid. A man who bankrupted the country so that the surviving soldiers who had fought for it would return home to virtual poverty and would have to raise their children under a strict regime of rationing and the inevitable poverty that that would mean for them. Sir Winston died, as will Sir Nicholas Soames, a millionaire and a hypocrite.  



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