A Letter to the Boss

Dear Scotland,

I am neither a lawyer nor an economist, therefore can you please explain to me whether or not it would be feasible for the Scottish Government, with the consent of the tiny number of landowners who are the legal proprietors of the enormous hunting estates, to temporarily take control of their property (with the exception of their family home and some acreage), so that it could be sold off to the public at affordable prices as small holdings?

To my my mind it seems that there would be no significant monetary cost to the Edinburgh exchequer (thus to the ordinary taxpayers) in acquiring the land and the financial loss incurred by the landowners could be balanced through exemptions in the tax system (both local and income). The resale of the housing stock would also offset the loss in taxation.

The public who people our country would benefit from gaining access to genuinely affordable, modern housing (indeed, starting from scratch, the most hi-spec tech and architecture can be utilised). Tasteful, efficient and environmentally and socially sustainable architecture. It would also serve to rebalance the urban/rural population that has been skewed in favour of towns and cities in the Central Belt since the industrial revolution and the ethnic cleansing of the Highland Clearances.

Of course, most of the land would not be built upon and it would be retained by the state on behalf of the public to enjoy at their leisure. Where game hunting continued, the skills and experience of those currently employed in that economy, would continue. No change.

On another topic.

With the creation of a post-independence national oil fund, could not the Scottish Government invest, for example 80% of it, annually, for the country’s future infrastructure, as I’m sure that Norway does BUT

distribute the remainder equally, directly into the bank accounts of each Scottish household, thus allowing for an annual stimulus to the economy? As well as providing security to people it allows them to invest in the infrastructure of their own lives. Very democratic and creates space for innovation.

All the best to you and to yours.

Yours appreciatively,




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