Incendiary Icke


For nigh on thirty years David Icke has been re-educating the ignorant masses of the world, specifically those who find themselves born in Europe and North America, for it is the people of these continents who theoretically have the liberty and the opportunity to take note of and recognise what he is saying. 

He is neither lying, nor is he attempting to deceive people. Quite the opposite. He has sought to highlight the systematic deception that has been and continues to be, orchestrated and perpetuated by an anonymous elite who pull the strings of puppet governments that purport to be representatives of their populations and who have gained their positions of power by manipulating people’s notions and their understanding of democracy. Giving people the opportunity to vote is not necessarily democracy, although it is what western electorates have come to accept as being a satisfactory vehicle for allowing them to express their freedom to choose.

Mr Icke encourages his listeners and readers to be individuals – for that is what we are. Sovereign and independent souls. Unique manifestations of consciousness. Again, on this point he is correct.   

I am not seeking to undermine him or his ideas. I agree with him on the fundamentals of his arguments. However when he states, as he did when being interviewed by Luke Rudkowski in Zuccotti Park, New York City, ahead of his admirable, brave and essential speaking tour, that “I am me, I am free, I am someone else, I’m in jail”, he slips into a contradiction that is not only unhelpful but gives succour to the very people that he himself describes as being anti-human, antagonistic to civilisation and devoid of empathy to the point of being psychopathic.

If the honest expression of one’s heart is the antidote to the imprisonment of an individuals consciousness, then what is the point of routinely condemning zionists, government officials, military officers and paedophiles? Are they not entitled to honestly express their natures? Moreover, are people who, after considering the issues that afflict our beautiful, yet troubled world, and who then come to the conclusion that they care not for the poor, the weak, the dispossessed and the disabled on the basis that they are all going to die anyway, not entitled to express their greedy, unsympathetic, apathetic hearts? There are surprisingly large numbers of people in this latter group, almost all of whom consider themselves as being morally superior to those in the former group. They are not from the elite, rather they are more often than not from the privileged middle class, indeed some still define themselves as being hippies, inspired by the embryonic propaganda of the elite’s “counter culture” program of the 1960’s, that being the precursor of today’s “progressive”, “liberal” agenda that operates in the Orwellian tradition of double speak, seeking to convince us that a man is a woman and a woman, a man. A woman’s vagina can be described as a penis and a man can consider his penis as a vagina. 

These are dangerous people. The kind of people who would tell a child, don’t listen to your father, listen to me. The kind of people that don’t believe in a state but take the financial benefits offered to them by it. The kind of people who have worked for governments for money but who sneer at those who continue to do so (because they have no financial choice), as being robotic puppets, playing their role in the system that they themselves are not a part of (because they are above the system!)- other than collecting pensions and any other benefits that might be coming their way. The kind of people who settle on someone else’s soil without first asking their permission. The kind of people who like to think that they don’t believe in ownership but who think that everything is theirs; your matches on the table, your lighter, anything actually, even your own country! Double speakers. Inverted thinkers. Hypocrites. Or should that be – hippycrites! The disease of coveting the material is not one solely killing the elites, but also the non thinking middle classes. 

Encouraging such materialistic, deviant, anti-social people is not advisable and Mr David Icke must be more careful with his words. This age of Kali, in which the souls of people are capitulating to the material, to their own egotism and to personal indulgence, is perhaps not the best time to be publicly encouraging people, many of whom can not even think and discuss reasonably in their own language, to act out their heart felt fantasies as a way of expressing their individuality. 



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