A Dying Democracy

The standard of journalism in the United Kingdom, as in much of the western world, has fallen to a dangerous low, moreover this decline corresponds with that of the similarly downward trajectory of the capabilities of the politicians that these scribes are duty bound to cover. For this to happen in a democracy is a catastrophe. 

Certainly, in the case of the U.K, where the parliament at Westminster has become much weaker in relation to the executive, a free, inquisitive, intelligent and robust media has become more essential in holding the executive to account. At one time not so long ago, Parliament was full of political heavyweights; the benches on either side of the aisle being temporarily kept warm by independently minded Members of Parliament. Now there is an army of party stooges and advocates – is that not a conflict of interests for a start? An M.P, is in the privileged position of being able to make laws that they can then, as privately practising lawyers, gain an undue advantage from. The lack of depth to their knowledge and the limited imaginations of the vast majority of the men and women occupying the green benches, is a concern for anyone looking to this pigsty of a parliament to seriously scrutinise the bills that are continuously being presented to the representatives of the people. Extraordinary levels of legislation. Laws for everything! 

In Northern Ireland, the representatives of the electorate are still being paid NOT to sit on their blue benches! Perhaps it is best left for a more informed A.N Other to blog about that debacle.

The front page of the liberal, centre-left leaning Guardian newspaper a couple of days back, had entirely bought into the narrative of the United States Department of Defence. That being, that in defiance of all the norms of common sense, the Syrian government was preparing to launch a chemical strike against the already broken forces, that for the last seven long and bloody years had been fighting against them. The forlorn fighters for freedom and fraternity, in the script being sold to the watching world by the Americans or the remnants of militant muslim militias and mercenaries, to the minds of those with another view on this horror show, who in global terms, are in the majority. 

When the war is all but won and the remnants of the state’s enemy are cornered, why would the Syrian government even think to, let alone to plan to and then to use illegal weapons that they know will force the intervention of the United States and her NATO allies, including Turkey, onto the side of the hitherto defeated rebels? It is a cover story being prepared to allow for the future use of such weapons by the fanatics in Idlib, who had previously in the course of the fighting, used chemical agents themselves on more than one occasion. That time too was a false flag action. This time, the left leaning Guardian newspaper decided to play it’s part in the operation by selling the American narrative to the British public. 

The misrepresentation of Syria’s President Assad throughout the war has been grotesque. Portraying him as being as fanatical and as dangerous to the global order as I.S were said to have been in Iraq and Syria before they were defeated, principally by the brave troops of the very same President Assad and the Kurds. How history can be shamelessly rewritten before the watching world is incredible. It would be a deep state tactic that is more difficult to be deployed, if there were a more knowledgeable and diligent parliament and press corps. The ignorance of these paid professionals regarding countries that are effectively on their own doorsteps; the ignorance of historical contexts, of the cultures and of the regional dynamics, is astonishing and allows such false representations to be sold as facts to a general public who, for some reason or another, still are willing to take these professionals at their word. Even after Iraq. Even after Libya.

David Aaronovitch, at the time of Iraq catastrophe (in 2003), announced that, ‘if nothing is ever found, I – as a supporter of the war – will never believe another thing that I am told by our government, or that of the US ever again.’ Yet all these years later, he is still willing to believe, and to repeat and to try to convince the public, that they should again believe in the authenticity and accuracy of the material being presented to them as evidence of Russian skullduggery. For goodness sake, the United Kingdom is being kept afloat partly by the dirty money of the Russian economic elite, being laundered by, and with the connivance of, the British banking elite. The hypocrisy on the Russia story is spread thickly across the media, an ‘institution’ made up of much the same faces that failed to analyse correctly Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and are now failing to understand the realities of Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Israel. 

Unless something changes, the people of the UK will find themselves sliding so far into an Orwellian dystopian, fascist, Big Brother state, that they will not be able to extricate themselves from it. “1984” and “Big Brother” are terms and concepts that the British people are all too familiar with; it is used colloquially, every day, across the boundaries of class and it is the title and premise of a popular TV show. The distortion of truth, the unwillingness to look diligently at the facts, at the reality of the bigger picture and to think independently, has already infected the green benches. The journalistic profession needs to wake up and get to work. Start to think. 

When the Ladies and Gentlemen who sit on the red benches of the unelected, government appointed House of Lords, become the last bastion of rigorous scrutinisation of the business of the government, then times are dark indeed. When the only check on the Establishment, are the established estates of the Establishment, then there are no checks, no balances and democracy is dead, only a charade of it remaining to placate us.



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