A Waiting Game

What to do with all these

Thoughts, that find no 

True heart that wants to care,

That’ll sometimes ache

But’ll never tare.

That appreciates the ups 

And relishes the downs,

That smiles and laughs

And cries and frowns.


A normal heart?

I fear it’s not,

It’s as rare as the disease 

That can’t be caught,

As sought after as the day 

That passes in peace,

For all the hearts-

That strive to seek.


Perhaps a day,

Or maybe an hour,

Will come to pass

When hearts can flower.

When the scents of blooms

Pulse through the veins

Of lovers and friends

Without restrain.


Until that day comes, 

Or the hour

Hand ticks appropriately,

Let these thoughts 

Remain dreams

In perfect symmetry.

Love is the dream that

Cannot die, as long as

Hearts are prepared to fly.



My Love and the Goddess

When I dream of her

I think of you,

This light that shines;

That can illuminate views

Of darkened times

And inscrutable lies 

Spewing from the mouths

Of myriad lives.


Your intuition has kept

Me safe from harm,

Secure as if blessed

To be holding your hand.

Now happy to sing

Like the lark in the sky,

Creating joy with my words

That brings tears to my eye.



The Magickal Life and Mystical Death of Love

Aradia, Aradia 

I call thee, clear.

I’ll never leave thee,

Forever dear.


Aradia, Aradia 

My sister, my mother,

My light and my darkness,

The Queen of my lovers.


Aradia, Aradia

Saturn and Moon,

One day I will join you;

That day will be soon.




I am the magician,

I am the mother,

I know the knowers

And I know the others.


I see their dreams,

I feel their lies,

I read between their lines

And through their eyes.


I am more 

Than you and I,

The Sun and Saturn,

The Moon in my sky.



If Only…

If I were there 

I’d take your hand

And walk you to your door

Across water & land.

I’d kiss your neck 

With a hand on your cheek

And a finger on your lips 

To silence your speech.

I’d watch the water

Fall from your eye,

Through the air

That fills our sky,

And watch it splash

Upon your nose

As it bubbles with joy

And runs and flows.

And makes us smile

Like teenage lovers

Exploring this life,

Beneath the covers.



Because You Followed

Maybe Melissa might mean

The world, and all that it has to offer; 

From the eccentrically absurd,

To the mundane and the mediocre.

Perhaps peering passed pretty petals

And into the infinity of one’s own mind,

You’ll find the soul of one’s own true 

Love forever henceforth entwined.

It will reveal that magick fountain,

That now eternally shall spring

The purest joy and contentment,

Through the thickest and the thin.



Audio Attraction

It was the sound you made

That forced my eye

To seek the source of the song

That made me cry.

That set the heart off

Racing, until I began to gasp

And my stomach knotted 

As if gripped in your clasp.

Then I saw – in all your glory!

Your lustre and your shine.

And dreamt of all 

That you and I could be

If only your hand 

Was held by mine.



When Words Fail

When words form, flicker

Then fade from the tip 

Of one’s tongue.

When they tumble, in a jumble,

Then disappear like the sun.

When they fail

To take flight, like an infant

Fledgling in the tree,

When they’ll never form a sentence 

That would bring

This light to thee.

Take a second to think

And feel, from the very same heart,

That sometimes words 

Are not all that it takes

To find your way to our start.



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