The Blind & the Blinding Light of Liberty

Where Scotland finds herself today, in this constitutional quagmire, is the inevitable outcome of the demographic inequities of the entity that calls itself, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the fact that the intrinsic instincts of the peoples of it’s four constituent nations, regarding how this country came to be, what it is and even what it is called, are fundamentally different.

The salient problem is not that 85% of British people are English people, it is that the vast majority of these English people have used since the Act of Union, and continue to use, England, as a synonym for Britain. That has allowed a psychological position to entrench itself over so many generations that by 2018 they cannot think that England and Britain are not one and the same entity. They only look at the numbers (the population of the UK) and that much misused word, democracy, becomes their default, reset position. 

In 2014, the political leaders of the unionist parties, unanimously proclaimed that the Union was worth saving, as it was a testament to how equal, historic nations can work together as one, united by common interests and values. Their unhesitatingly speedy return to the ‘business as usual’ politics after their success in the independence referendum of 2014, clearly demonstrated that the accumulating evidence was correct, that their ‘Save the Union’ rhetoric peddled previous to the vote was just that, rhetoric. As the result of the Brexit referendum that followed two years later has demonstrated, perhaps painfully, to the many Scots who voted twice to remain in the existing unions, has revealed the hollowness and the insincerity of their promises, their platitudes and their position.

It is only in the minds of Scottish, Welsh and Irish unionists that there exists an equality of nations. Brexit demonstrated otherwise. When the aforementioned Celtic unionists consider the history of Britain, they proudly assert their country’s contribution to the whole. Their country’s contribution to the greatness of Great Britain. Neither of them assume that their nation is Great Britain.There is an assumption still, based on a willingness to understand that nations exist within nations, within nations. In England this is not the case because it has never been the case. Parents did not raise their kids to reflect this reality. They are English. Celtic contributors to the collective are considered to be English, without a  second thought. 

Language underpins our culture. What words mean, matters. When words can be reformatted to reflect one’s prejudices we are in troubled times. From that point onward, our history will be automatically reformatted, our assumptions will be reformatted by ourselves to account for this history. How we live our lives and understand the world, will be reformatted to take account of these assumed historical facts. 

Almost all of us on the British Isles have undergone so much church,state and self reformatting that we no longer know who we are, from where we came, when we came or why we came. Even our history that we are aware of, or have an inkling of, we have no idea of it’s depth. We have allowed that to pass from our memory and from our consciousness, indeed from our imaginations. 

If the people of Scotland had retained the memory of their lives lived before the Union, indeed even before the arrival of Christianity, we would not be where we are today. We should be confident of successfully overcoming any obstacles, because that is all we have ever done, since the tribes and clans amalgamated all those years ago to form the union that was Alba and Scotland. Beyond this ancient and successful union, of course we should have our friends and we will have our neighbours but international entanglements are something to be avoided. We should be standing on our own two feet, living, working and trading under our own laws and by our own values, for it is the hypocrisy that arises from compromise that will always lead us to our doom. Integrity and principles can be respected, particularly when they are the values of egalitarianism, fraternity and brotherhood. The values of the enlightenment. Why to compromise on such high ideals? Why to dilute them? Genuine independence is the only logical and natural vehicle to deliver these Scottish ideals to the Scottish people.



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