Fires are burning in the hearts of Europeans; heating the melting pots of multiculturalism to the point of boiling. Bubbles of violence are already sporadically spitting out into a polarised citizenry nervously looking on. People are being scalded, buildings burned. Refugee centres in Germany have been torched at night by gangs of skinheads dressed in black. Windows smashed on nights of uncontrolled violence. The very eldest members in that country will remember Krystal Nacht, Crystal Night – the Night of Broken Glass, when the windows of shops and houses owned by Germany’s Jews were smashed in an orgy of organised violence. 

Since the Second World War, successive governments of Germany have been careful to rebuild and reshape their society in a manner that took into account the feelings of it’s neighbours to the east and west. Those neighbours, it accepted unconditionally, had been the innocent victims of the terror unleashed upon them by the Third Reich and it’s armies. Germany, at the point of the guns of the victorious allied powers, took the sole responsibility for the destruction of European towns and cities, the deaths of millions of men, women and children and the dislocation of millions more. The lines of refugees, who roamed in a state of trauma along the rubble strewn roads that crisscrossed Europe as they looked for a place to settle and rebuild their broken lives, was a scene that the states of Europe vowed never to witness or experience again.

For the next seventy years, Western European states pulled their sovereignty to create a Common Market, that grew and developed into an Economic Community and finally a European Union. The European Project was believed to be the solution to ending the intermittent outbreaks of political and religious violence that had plagued the continent for two millennia. The sharing of culture and creativity, the standardisation of rules and regulations, would it was thought, control the egotistical endeavours that had pitted nation against nation. States could concentrate their energies on building clean environments in which their well educated citizens would live, work, play and prosper. Workers and their wages would be of a commonly high standard that would eliminate regional jealousies and see an an to the destitution that had wracked the lives of the working men and women. Wildernesses and waterways would be clean and protected. Standards would rise across the continent and this standardisation would bring about an egalitarian, democratic utopia that would make poverty and war obsolete. For the two generations that were born after the unconditional surrender of the Axis powers, all appeared to be well. The Union was so successful that non-members threw off the shackles of the fascist or communist dictatorships that had governed their lives and applied to join the club. Little did they know.

By the time that the third generation had come of age, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, unilaterally opened the borders of her people’s country and one million Africans, Arabs and Subcontinental’s walked in. The citizenry were not consulted, neither were their representatives in the German Parliament, the Bundestag. Nor were the members of her own cabinet and the governing Christian Democrat Party. One person made that decision. There were warnings from all viewpoints, from across the political spectrum, but they were ignored. The relatively poorer, less developed, more traditional, conservative, sincerely believing Christian countries of southern Europe, who had not so long before thrown off the yolk of their dictatorships, with the hope and expectation of finding better lives in the modern, democratic union of European nations, were swamped. To reach their dreamlands of the rich northern and western European countries, myriad streams of economic migrants walked relentlessly north, intermingled with genuine refugees fleeing for their lives from the Syrian civil war, through the impoverished fields of the Balkan states; nations still rebuilding themselves following the end of their own civil wars. Those fields must have been familiar to the immigrants. They had left homelands that were economically no worse off than those of the Greeks and Slavs, through whose fields they were now carelessly trampling and littering with the disposable detritus of desperation.

Onward they marched. This unrequested army of penniless cheap labour, ready to work in any job, for any wages, ready to sleep in any accommodation on offer; ready and willing to take advantage of the rules and regulations that were designed to guarantee a common, high standard of living for European citizens, throughout Europe. Regulations that would protect their human dignity in a way that their own countrymen, governing in their own birthplace, would not care to do. Ironically, they shared with the governing bureaucratic elite of Europe’s nation states, the same ignorance of, and lack of compassion for, the workers of Europe, who would now see their hard won fair wages, terms and conditions being undercut by a workforce who had never had that luxury of stringent labour laws. For those misfortunate native born souls who had crashed through the regulatory safety nets of red tape that had been designed to catch them should they fall and were now sleeping rough on their own streets, could now experience the bitterness of peering through the windows of hostels and apartments that had been allocated to the incoming migrants sitting down to enjoy their evening meals. The system had been smashed. No waiting in queues to be assessed, no questions asked, no paperwork to be shown; wage slips, birth certificates, bank certificates. Nothing. Borders were being crossed with neither passports nor visas, official documentation, accommodation and employment were given whether or not the immigrants could read, write or speak the language. Every rule and regulation that had been passed into law by governments, with the consent of their citizens, on the understanding that it was for the benefit of those citizens and their society as a whole, no longer applied to the foreign born arrivals. 

The cherished values we hold so dear like our freedom of speech and expression, that had been fought for over many decades, if not centuries, often against the must tyrannical of regimes and at the cost of countless lives, have been sacrificed upon the secular alter of multiculturalism. All this to accommodate incoming migrants with little or no experience of such fundamental human rights in their homelands, and who it appears have not understood that freedom of speech can often be offensive, unpalatable and contrary to one’s own opinions and beliefs. That is the point of it. It is the contrarian nature of these freedoms that create a diverse public forum. The views of arrivals from Africa and Asia are often unpalatable to the citizens of the societies that they have chosen to migrate to, moreover, their views are often contrary to the cultures and the laws of these countries in which they have made their home, which begs the question; why would they have chosen to emigrate to such a place in the first place? To nations whose popular culture they find to be so repellent. When leaving one’s cultural and linguistic home and moving to a new land that is foreign, surely compatibility comes into the equation. Surely some thought is given to whether the views one holds dearly are compatible with the cultural environment one is joining, otherwise what is the point in going there? The old adage springs to my mind…When in Rome, do as the Romans.

These recent arrivals have no interest in integrating. They have no interest in the culture of the host, indeed many even deny that such a thing exists. A Canadian journalist stood on the sidewalk outside a mosque in London asking attendees and passers by, what British culture meant to them? What was it that made one British? Did Britain have a culture? None of them believed that it had a culture. It was multicultural. Possession of a British passport was all that it took to be British. There was no understanding of the traditions of Britain, no respect for it and no loyalty to it. The blond, blue eyed scribe asked one Muslim gentleman, that were she to go to China, apply for a Chinese passport and be accepted, would that make her Chinese? Of course not, he replied.

Eventually the Imam from the mosque complained to the police about her presence outside the building and two metropolitan officers of Indian origin asked her to move along. Before she did, she asked the Imam what it meant to him to be British. He replied…tolerance. That from the lips of a man who didn’t allow women to enter his religious institution. Incredible.

Policemen with dogs now guard hospitals in Bavaria at the request of the medical staff who have faced repeated assaults from patients, the female doctors and nurses in particular. Stabbings, urine being thrown in the faces of staff, men refusing to be treated by female professionals and mob violence breaking out when the diagnosis is unacceptable to their ears. On a flight in the USA a Muslim lady requested that a guide dog and it’s owner be removed from the cabin  because her religious sentiments were offended. An immigrant to Italy who murdered a local man, told the court that he did so because the victim was “white and happy”. 

Entire neighbourhoods and boroughs have become enclaves within cities. Some cities are becoming enclaves within countries. Integration has not worked. Not because the societies of the host nations have not tried to accept or integrate them but because the immigrants themselves have no interest in reciprocating. A friend of mine who had left Pakistan for a “better life” in Luton, England, has since left for Canada because over the years incessant immigration from his homeland had meant that Luton had become like the Pakistan he had left behind. No doubt, over time, he will find the same experience will overwhelm him in Toronto too.

There will soon come a tipping point. There will be a spark that ignites the powder keg of national emotion and sentiment that is now out in the open, ignored and undefended by remote governments living out their lives in ivory towers, far removed from the reality of their exasperated electorates. There will be a clash of civilisations and this battle of ideas and values will be fought out on the streets of European towns and cities. The genie is already out of the bottle and it seems to be unwilling to stop playing with it’s matches.

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