Immigrants and Bedfellows

There is a certain sense of tragedy in life when the people who grasp the reality of a changing environment, are those very same people whom one has been opposed to on virtually every issue, for all of one’s adult life. Those who do see the change in the current political, economic and social climate and who do understand that the changes are linked, planned and directed, are a growing minority but a disparate one. The ‘graspers’ group transcends the traditional political spectrum to such an extent that it includes both the far right, the far left and many non-ideological citizens, who are now witnessing their country and the only culture that they know, being irrevocably changed. 

It is because their views are so disparate and because they are such unlikely and uncomfortable bedfellows, that the volume of their voice can never be really heard or measured. The extremes are known to be just that – extreme, and so the mild mannered, moderate majority will never take the time to listen to their arguments, no matter how valid their points may be. The centre’s own prejudice toward the voices of those to their left and right, who they assume are prejudiced on account of their position on the fringes of the visible and audible spectrum.

However, on the matter of immigration, the far right and hard left have got it right. And on this occasion I agree with them.

The world is being run by and for an elite that is apolitical, amoral and antisocial. This cabal transcends national boundaries, political parties and even religions. The loyalty of the members of this group, is to their group. Their loyalty is neither to the tenets of their proclaimed faith, nor to their political ideology, nor to their constituents, nor their countrymen and women. They act, motivated by the desire to continually engineer the nation states of their birth and their fellow citizens towards their goal, of total physical, mental, financial and psychological subservience. Every aspect of life watched, listened to, chipped, monitored and recorded. That’s the goal. 

When the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who is a small part of the machinery of this controlling elite, allowed one million refugees into Germany and thus effectively into the European Union as a whole, she did so against the advice of her cabinet, her Christian Democrat Party, many from the opposition parties, the majority of Germany’s eighty million population and many of  her Prime Ministerial colleagues. On the surface of it and sold to the public through a complicit media corps, it was a unilateral act of compassion but it was more than that, much more. It was conceived and coordinated to create the circumstances that are required to allow for totalitarian ideas to be rolled out apparently democratically, because the population at large have requested as much. The immigrants had to be allowed in as they were and remain the catalyst for the changes that are to come. Not only were they permitted entry, they entered at a time when the working classes of Europe were experiencing a catastrophic downturn in their economic condition. As the media were musing over Mrs Merkel’s mindset, central European governments were erecting twenty feet high, barbed wire fences. At the time that she was making up her mind, there was the predictable scramble by refugees and migrants to get to the northern side of the barrier. That barrier will not be taken down and the million or so who were fortunate to have crossed into the north of Europe, their new home, would not be going back. Who would?

The resulting wave of populism on the continent has been reflected in the new governments that have been voted for in election after election. Ironically, these popular regimes, opposed by the defeated Social Democratic and Liberal parties, have found that they are ideologically close to President Putin of Russia. Europe has changed. It has moved toward the Russian Federation. The technocrats and bureaucrats, themselves a part of the same Elite, the European Establishment, are losing their grip. The established political parties who promote them are sliding in the polls and haemorrhaging support to parties on the extremes. The recent polls in Bavaria were the perfect example. 

Then came the time that the populist wave, that had been building since Merkel’s decision, crossed the English Channel and struck the United Kingdom. It led to Brexit and Brexit will inevitably lead to Britain being pulled apart by the currents of popular anger, until it fractures. It can’t not at this point. Events have gone too far. It has allowed Northern Ireland’s moderate Unionists, particularly the young, to see the potential benefits of a reunification of the island of Ireland in order to remain as part of the EU. It has enabled the Scots who voted to remain in both the British and the European Unions to feel that they can legitimately change their minds on the British Union, if not their hearts. 

The German Chancellor’s decision on the migrants was taken to allow for the construction of three intercontinental / transcontinental power blocks. The citizenry of Europe are themselves going to be the people who will shove the European Union toward closer alignment with Russia, and President Putin’s successor, when he appears on the scene, will continue Mr Putin’s successful policy, which ironically enough, has always been towards a closer, friendlier and stronger relationship and alignment with the countries of Europe. They are after all, Europeans. The independence regained by the ancient nations of Scotland and Ireland will be short lived as they, along with the English and the Welsh people will see the necessity of an English speaking, Atlantic Alliance/Union with the North American states of the USA and Canada. These events will happen by the popular will of the populations concerned. Western Elites know that their people can be convinced to support all kinds of infringements of their civil rights and liberties, as long as they are allowed to vote every few years. The attacks of 9/11 cost more than lives, property and money. It cost all Americans many of their constitutional rights. Those rights will not be returned to them. Conversely, more rights are taken from them every year, right from under their noses as their eyes flicker in the blinding light of the ‘knowledge’ being constantly emitted by their TV and smart phone screens.

These days the average men and women are being convinced of all kinds of incredible things that are being sold to them, and they buy into them with little or no real thought. It is happening in every aspect of their lives. Their politics. Their religions. In spite of all of the collective anger after the 2008 banking crisis, no banker went to jail and people just accepted it and moved on. They can be manipulated at will no matter how passionate they have become. The Governing Elite is manipulating governments, political parties and voters, corralling them into the only outcomes that remain open. The resistance to it is small but growing, not unsurprisingly considering that anyone who resists is labelled as being a fascist. It puts many off speaking out. 

Merkel’s decision has made the most peculiar of bedfellows very uncomfortable and it’s becoming more and more crowded between the sheets. 

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