Harvard Law School

Barack Obama, an alumni of Harvard Law School, was the United States President who ordered the destruction of Africa’s richest, most literate and developed country, Libya, and reduced that country to rubble and a state of lawlessness. Thousands died. 

The sovereign wealth fund of the oil rich country has disappeared without trace. Libya’s premier medical facilities that were the envy of it’s continent and it’s neighbours in the Middle East have been destroyed, precisely at the time that it’s citizens required them. Many of the doctors, nurses and ancillary staff, as highly trained as their counterparts in Europe, have also disappeared without trace, many presumed drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to flee to save their lives. Libya is now the poorest state in Africa. The leader who had united it and raised the infrastructural standards to be on a par with the first world, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, never had his day in a court of any description, he was beaten, tortured and sodomised with a knife, before being murdered on the blood soaked streets by a mob. 

We have to wonder what it is that they are teaching at the Harvard Law School? In the 1980’s the tiny countries of Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua suffered from their own brutal civil wars. Extreme, right wing governments and militias were either trying to hold onto power or to seize it for themselves from the impoverished indigenous citizenries who sought democracy and guarantees of their fundamental civil and human rights. The United States sent in Elliot Abrams to support the fascistic regimes in the brutal battle against their own civilians. Mr Abrams was another product of the esteemed Harvard Law School. By the end of his time there, hundreds of thousands of some of the world’s poorest people and been murdered, their bodies tossed into mass graves if they were lucky. There was no rule of law, in spite of the fact that there were constitutions and courts, judges and the concept of jurisprudence.

The current Secretary of State of the United States, Mr Mike Pompeo, recently addressed an audience of American students and told them that his former department, the Central Intelligence Agency, of which he was the Director from 2017 until 2018, routinely “lied, cheated and stole” as and when it suited or the occasion demanded. Mike Pompeo is another American official who studied at and graduated from the Harvard Law School. 

This Massachusetts institution has had scores of it’s students graduate and pass through, onwards and upwards into positions of authority in the halls of power. It is difficult to see what ethical foundations were laid down in those formative years of studying the law in the seminars of that Cambridge campus. Three alumni of Harvard Law School who have recently served and continue to serve in some of the highest offices of the United States, have done irreparable damage to a number of countries and have done so by breaking every international law that existed to protect them. They did this unapologetically, in order, as Secretary of State Pompeo admitted in a rare moment of candour, to “cheat and steal” from defenceless nation states and their helpless populations.

Perhaps Harvard Law School is not the best place to send one’s kids to learn about ethics, democracy and the rule of law.



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