Braveheart or Broken Hearts

Seeing the golden stars of the EU flag circumambulating the Cross of Saint Andrew like a flock of vultures circling a carcass on my Twitter feed makes my blood boil. If I read “Independence in Europe” inserted into someone’s personal description, then … ditto. Don’t these idiots know what the European Union is, what it stands for, who it supports and what it’s agenda is? Do they not understand what independence means? If these ignorant bigots, because that’s what most of them are, believe that they are not currently independent because they are in a Union with two other English speaking nations (and a province of six counties), then how on earth can they then consider themselves to be independent by leaving said Union and joining another? Exchanging the present position of being a minority in a Union of two and a half members, for one in which they are one out of twenty seven. Are these people retarded? If they believe in being independent then please have the backbone as well as the common sense and decency to exist independently of others. 

What this hypocrisy and stupidity reveals is little more than that they don’t like English people. Of course they cannot say that publicly, or indeed admit it to themselves, for that would destroy the carefully manufactured virtue signals that they like to transmit to their internationalist global network of Facebook friends in cyberland. They consider themselves to be inclusive and therefore being genuinely independent would not hold up in the politically correct court of public opinion. But that’s what their words reveal. That they are perfectly happy in a Union – as long as it is not one with the people of England. The English, they’ll have you know, have invaded us, sought to obliterate our unique set of cultural values, governed us exploitatively from a remote capital for their own economic benefit and run roughshod over our democratic ideals and political rights. 

However, it’s not really about independence at all. These non-nationalists are not patriots seeking to uphold and protect the integrity of their ancient nation, her institutions and her culture. They don’t actually want to be in the position of having the responsibility of solving their own nation’s problems; of formulating their own solutions to their economic malaise, perhaps by thinking and being inventive, by establishing their own currency, instituting their own laws, looking after their own welfare and doing so according to their own set of cultural values. They don’t want to forge an independent foreign policy that would remove them from the endless cycles of imperialistic wars. No! They are happy to blame Westminster, London, England and the English for all their woes, but have no qualms in replacing those pronouns with Strasbourg, Brussels, Europe and Europeans. Somehow they have convinced themselves that European powers have never sought to invade Scotland, destroy her democratic values, impose themselves and their own fascistic dogmas upon her. The pseudo nationalists of Scotia would have people believe that European powers have never intended to subvert her laws or legal structures and make them subservient to continental courts and judges, have never sought to govern from a remote capital. It is plainly ridiculous and historically wrongheaded. Everything that they resent the English for having attempted down the ages is exactly what they would willingly sign up for with the EU, indeed an EU that is dominated by Germany that seventy odd years previously had sought to annihilate Scotland and the rest of the nations of Britain. Scotland’s make believe nationalists don’t really want to be independent at all. They have no interest in standing on their own two feet, thinking for themselves and improving their lot. They just can’t get over their hatred of the English, and not being English is how they choose to define themselves and their country. It is not a pro-Scotland position, it’s anti-England.

“Progressives” consider the Englishman’s concept of nationalism and patriotism to be xenophobic and so they recoil at the thought that others might consider them to be the same. In the mind of the “Independence in Europe” brigade, the English are negatively nationalistic, the Scots positive. If they only listened to themselves! They have come to understand that the English are unreconstructed imperialists but fail to accept that it was the Scots who drove British imperialism round the world. They deny this historical reality. 

Because these modern, politically correct, fashion following “Independence in Europe”, pseudo-nationalist sheep are embarrassed to be thought of as putting their country first, for that might be interpreted as being parochial or even possibly racist, they are happy to surrender their nation’s sovereignty to the European Union. You see nationalism is a dirty word in the minds of the virtue signalling leftists who dominate the political and cultural conversations of Scotland, of course only when the nationalists are white. Hypocrites like these would never extend this logic to Tibetans, quite the opposite. Tibetans have every right to Tibet and the thought that the Chinese have broadened and enhanced their culture would be considered by these “ progressives” to be a nonsense. I am yet to hear one of these leftists celebrating the two centuries of European migration into Asia that broadened and  enhanced those cultures, indeed they do the opposite and condemn it as colonialism and imperialism. The progressives and leftists of western democracies can no longer think for themselves, cannot carry their own moral burden of responsibilities, be proud of their own culture – they neither know what it is or what it was, so they gleefully join hands with any club that they can to help them to generate ideas, to share the load, to brighten their cultural landscape. How sad and demeaning this is, especially from a country such as Scotland that in many ways invented the modern world. A nation of individual geniuses who built the new world, the same new world that the third world are so desperate to emulate if not embrace. 

And democracy? Well, as is usually the case with the left, they always try to subvert it. In 2014 a referendum was held on the issue of Scotland’s independence – the Scottish electorate rejected it, meaning that the majority of Scots preferred to remain in a United Kingdom. In 2016 a referendum was held on the issue of the United Kingdom leaving or remaining in the European Union – the voters of Britain chose to leave. Ever since, all we have heard from the SNP and their “Independence in Europe” supporters is that Scotland’s people are being dragged out of Europe against their will and that this is a travesty of the democratic process. They have no interest in respecting the wish of the majority of Scots who voted to remain in a Union with England. Would not that also be a travesty of democracy? Whether the pseudo-nats like it or not, the Brexit vote was a UK wide exercise and by the bitter end the majority had voted to leave. In spite of this the Scottish European Unionists have spent three years trying to scupper the settled will of the electorate who turned out to vote in record numbers. The European Unionists in Scotland have flatly refused to accept the result, and the majority of British people (particularly an enormous majority of the English people) who voted to leave have looked on helplessly as their views and rights have being ignored and subverted. These SNP supporting leftist Scots are not democrats. 

Overturning the result of legitimate referenda and handing over their parliamentary sovereignty to an unelected European Commission is not democratic. Campaigning to leave one Union in favour of another and calling it a movement for independence is fraudulent. Claiming to oppose imperialism and yet striving to join an undemocratic superstate that seeks to expand it’s borders is delusional and dishonest. Purporting to be progressive and liberal and yet advocating membership of an authoritarian union that funds and supports self-declared Nazis in Ukraine is abhorrent. 

The European Union has much to answer for but at least it doesn’t try to hide it’s true colours, unlike the Scottish “Independence in Europe” supporters who are wolves in sheep’s clothing – anti-democratic and anti-national. A fraudulent prospectus is being sold to Scotland’s people, who have lost the ability to think because their collective narcissism now prevents any cognitive ability from manifesting itself. 

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