What do the left in Scotland, or in any other small European nation for that matter, think that it means to be Scottish? Or Swedish, or Danish? Do they think that being European means being black or brown? Being African? Or Asian? Perhaps the question could or should be asked the other way round. What does it mean to be Congolese? Kenyan? Burundian? Pakistani? Are they white people? Are they Europeans? Do they have a notable history in the fields of international commerce, banking, the law, engineering, medicine, science, primary, secondary and tertiary education? Have they overcome centuries of problems with their neighbours to lift themselves out of rural poverty to design and develop urban centres with an economy that suits? That is what the Scots did, the Swedes and the Danes too. They moved forward into the future, building modern societies as they went. They exported this knowledge and the technologies that emerged from it, often for nothing. They cut their mortality rates by thinking and designing appropriate counter measures, vaccines and public health programmes. They chose to educate their children, boys and girls, so that successive generations had the benefit of at least a basic education, ensuring that even the peasantry and the unskilled workers could read, write and count. 

If these small successful European nations choose to continue to allow hundreds of thousands of immigrants into their countries, then very soon they will not have a country that they recognise. They will leave to their children the same dysfunctional third world calamity that the new immigrants have fled from in the first place. The new arrivals cannot improve the host societies, if they could, they would have improved social conditions in their own homelands, not feeling the need to flee to a country that has already developed itself. They can only bring down the living standards of the host by putting unnecessary pressure on public services, keeping the value of labour unnaturally low. The immigrants have difficulty in understanding that the social gains that had been hard won by the indigenous people are the very victories that have given us our freedoms, and it is their social values that run counter to our culture that has evolved over many centuries. 

There is no point in them moving to a western country where freedom of speech is guaranteed by law and then expecting their culture or religion to be exempt from the ambit of that law. It shows that these people neither have any interest in the law and customs of the host societies nor do they have the intelligence and good manners to understand that it is for them to change their habits and embrace the values of their new environment. Otherwise they should have stayed where they were, where not having the freedom to express themselves was the guarantee that their cultural and religious sentiments would not be offended.

The second and third world is beset by political and economic corruption on a scale that most who have never visited would scarcely believe. On every level of society laws, rules and regulations are openly violated, corners cut, commissions taken. Bribes are offered and received, ballot boxes stuffed with votes or emptied of them, jobs guaranteed to relatives or to groups favoured by the victor. Police violence goes unnoticed and unpunished – it is expected. Sexual abuse of women and children is rampant. Doctors and nurses are beaten half to death by the grieving family members of patients who have succumbed to illness or injury. Hospitals and schools are in a shocking state of disrepair whilst taxes go unpaid and uncollected. In private institutions exam results are routinely doctored, thus enabling the administration to provide a glowing reference to the parents of prospective fee paying students. There is not much desire among the average men and women on the street to improve the situation. They accept it, often celebrating the “freedom” that it offers. Nobody is going to fine an offender for throwing their litter, driving on the sidewalk to skip the queue or on the wrong side of the road. Nobody bats an eyelid to pedestrians urinating in the street or spitting. Nobody cares.

A shopkeeper in Punjab was telling me the other day about his month long visit to see his sister in Canada. Her husband had returned to India to meet and marry her before they both moved back to Toronto to begin their family life. Of course I asked him if he had enjoyed the experience. His answer was qualified. Yes, it was a nice place but too many rules – rules that made life boring compared to India. He’d rather stay in his homeland. However he did point out that, year on year, the area of Toronto where his sister resided was filling with Punjabis and so in another ten years it will be the same as Ludhiana! “That will be the right time to go.” He said quietly. There is no intention of moving to a new country and embracing the cultural norms of the host. Why should they? Just move en masse, bring the culture with them that they are so fond of and overtime the host nation will become like home. Unfortunately it doesn’t cross their mind that that means the standards will slip so low that Toronto will become like Ludhiana, overcrowded, polluted, unclean and dysfunctional.

London under the stewardship of Sadiq Khan has seen the murder rate increase, the number of rapes increase, knife crime increase – it is fast becoming a third world city like that of any of those in Pakistan, the failing state which Mr Khan’s parents arrived from as immigrants. If people like the Khans could not make their native country function with any dignity and civility, what makes the people of London think that they could manage to do so in their city? Replacing the white population of European cities with the ignorant masses of the second and third world does not improve those places, it does the opposite, the standards and methods slide to the level to which the incomers are accustomed to. The immigrants don’t improve themselves on the airplane,  they arrive with their own moral code and they merely replicate their same behavioural traits that doomed their native lands to a state of seemingly perpetual backwardness.

My son’s school headmaster, a very diligent, honourable and broad minded Sikh gentleman, whose background before entering the education system was in the Indian military, told me recently that unless western nations cut the immigration rates into their countries, then they would not have any countries left that they can call their own. In his opinion they are committing a collective national suicide. I’m inclined to agree with him. Of the few foreigners who today make their home in Asian countries, most actually take an interest in the new cultures that they have chosen to join. More often than not they study them before moving there. They are fascinated by them. They respect the religion and culture of their hosts. They read the literature, they try to get their head round the religion and it’s practices. They at least try. On the whole the immigrants to the west do not. Perhaps because they can’t. Perhaps they are just not bright enough. It is noticeable that the most successful immigrants from Asia come from the far north east of that continent, from countries who are populated by people with high intelligence quotients. Those success stories from South Asia tend to be brahmin. People who can think and adapt, can integrate and succeed. Most of those from the south of that vast continent, like the African arrivals, cannot. Perhaps they just don’t have the mind that allows them to easily learn new ways of living. The slowness of their mind is reflected in the speed that they can adapt to new circumstances. 

It is high time that the liberal leftists in the west realised that not all people are the same, they don’t all have the same capacities, values, moral standards or work ethics. The guilt of  Europe’s imperial, colonial past and the people’s inherited Christian moral values – the “love thy neighbour” attitude; compassion, moderation, mercy and charity, are causing them to lose touch with the reality of the world. Much the same as their is no point in trying to empathise or sympathise with a psychopath, because they cannot reciprocate, there is no point in opening borders, hearts and homes to some of the people of this earth. Their hearts and homes will never be opened to you and when they become numerous enough your country will have become theirs, and there will be nowhere left for you to move.

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