Natives & Nutters

When the Puritans fled religious persecution in England and established themselves in what would come to be known as New England, they brought with them their religion, language and culture. Today they are considered by the leftists in Europe and North America to be colonists – at best, or as unwelcome, aggressive invaders. The same seems to be true of any Europeans who have migrated to some new place, far from home on another continent.

The first European settlers in Canada purchased land from a tribe who were already established there, however the current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, appears to consider these white men and women to be genocidal land thieves and racists. The same is true of the Boers. When they arrived in southern Africa in the seventeenth century they made amicable treaties with the Chief of one of the resident nations and they bought land from him on which they could begin to build their    nation. These days all this is forgotten and like the earliest white Canadians, the Boers are considered to be no more than white bigots who stole the land from innocent natives and systematically exploited them from that time until this. Their descendants, the Afrikaner farmers who are now being tortured and murdered on their own steadings, are considered to be the beneficiaries of these centuries old crimes and their violent treatment by some of the black population is no more than what they deserve.

When European explorers first ventured into the jungles of north eastern India, or into the Congo, or the Amazon, some paid the ultimate price for their adventurous spirit – they were murdered, sometimes cannibalised. Captain James Cook met a grizzly end in the surf of a Tahitian beach having spent many years of danger and hardship exploring the South Pacific. He was clubbed to death by natives unimpressed by his resumé and unwilling to welcome him or his culture to their island paradise.

Odd it is then, that in the minds of modern day European liberals, possessed as they are with the doctrine of multiculturalism, that these natives intent on protecting their own land and traditions are not demonised as being violent, intolerant racists. The tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are claiming to be fleeing from the religious intolerance of their own countrymen in the countries of their birth, and who arrive in the west with neither invitation nor appreciation of the values of that hemisphere, are considered to be refugees, not invaders or colonists. Though they bring with them their alien values, religions and cultures and demonstrate no interest or intent in respecting the traditions of the natives in their new found “home”, their desire to hold onto their traditions is thought of as being respectable, honourable, never as being hostile, bigoted or disrespectful.

There is a double standard at play in these dark days; what is considered as appropriate behaviour for the white European is not the same as that required from Asians or Africans. If a white man leaves the continent of his ancestors and settles elsewhere, families, values, warts and all, then the expectations of them are very different than those arriving in western lands. Those who have resisted western migration are held up as heroes, whether they resist violently or not. Even if a European offers the opinion that immigration may not be a good, long term idea, he will be condemned as a bigot. 

It goes unmentioned that the tribes who populated North America had themselves arrived there from elsewhere, displacing those who had been there before them. They warred with each other, murdered each other, practiced human sacrifice and infanticide, they stole each other’s land – hardly angels! The same is true in Africa. The Bantu speaking tribes arrived in southern Africa from the north, wreaking havoc on the clans that they encountered. Those natives who made treaties with incoming whites were brutally slaughtered. Colour and culture had little to do with it. As is the case anywhere, some groups of people are more peaceful than others. Some more progressive. Some more tolerant. Others are almost psychotic – by any standards, ancient or modern, black or white.

The multicultural quasi-Marxists, who for more than two decades have controlled the public square of debate in western democracies; on it’s campuses, in the media, in the parliaments and the schools, have redefined racism, rewritten histories, demonised their own ancestors and wrought perhaps irreversible damage to the very nations and people who have done more than any other to seek understanding between peoples and who made the technological and medical advancements that have benefited all.

If these people on the left are not defeated then the advances that were made that enabled billions to be lifted out of poverty, to educate them, feed them and allow them the possibility that their dreams may become a reality, will be lost. The west will be overrun by people who advocate intolerance, backwardness and anarchy.


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